Revofil Aquashine BTX 2 ml.

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Revofil Aquashine BTX 2 ml.

The combined action of Hyaluronic Acid and Biomimetic Peptides

Botox-like effect, peptides relax muscles, become effective on dynamic wrinkles and at the same time biorevitalize

It has a preventive, anti-aging


With Aquashine BTX it is possible to treat complex areas: the periocular region, the forehead, the peribuccal area. Face and neck

In practice, it is an anti-aging and deep restructuring treatment against static and dynamic, perioral wrinkles and barcodes. But it is also effective against post-acne and postoperative scars. Reduces and prevents hyperpigmentation

It is a cross-cutting product that works on several levels. Due to the well-balanced lifting and relaxing processes, a selective anti-aging effect is obtained in all the morpho-functional layers of the skin and surrounding tissues. The treatment allows a gentle and selective correction of all problems simultaneously

It can be organically combined with already AQUASHINE or AQUASHINE BR consolidations in a single session for different areas or in a series of sessions depending on the characteristics of the individual patients to optimize an individual treatment protocol.

Main applications of AQUASHINE BTX: Anti-aging therapy. Deep skin restructuring. Dynamic wrinkles in the periorbital area. Dynamic and static wrinkles on the forehead, perioral wrinkles, vertical wrinkles above the upper lip. Facial contour correction. Post-acne and postoperative scars. Prolonged action of botulinum toxin. Lighting and prevention of hyperpigmentation

Manufacturer: Caregen, Korea

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